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REDTIP17 07-24-2004 10:53 PM

Ordered a Quigley Sharps yesterday
I Ordered a Quigley NRA 45-70 Sharps yesterday. All 13lbs of it with a 34" barrel with double set triggers and Soule tang sight.. Got to figure out how to put wheels on it. Gotten too old to shoot the %%%% 45-110, just too much abuse to enjoy shooting.:(
Have wanted one for a long time, Finally decided to get up off the money and order the %%%% thing. Should be good out to 800-1000 yds to hit a barn, if I do my part. Still trying to figure out what the effect would be on a crow at 100 yds. with a 500gr. hollow point @ 1800fps.
A round nose 500gr. 45-70 at that velocity will shoot thru a 24" pine tree. :yikes: Anybody for a Buffalo hunt this winter? :D Bill

OldSwede 07-27-2004 12:21 PM


I had a Ruger #1 in .45/70 that I dearly loved. It was surprisingly accurate, too, at least out to the 100 yards, which was as far out as I shot it. I only shot 300gr Supreme Golds in it, and it still beat up my shoulder something awful. The first range day I shot about 20 rounds through it sighting it in; next day my shoulder looked like someone had beaten it with a 2x6; big purple bruises.

Traded it on a .204 Ruger. Now THERE is recoil the OldSwede can handle. Good luck; I suppose to a .45-110 shooter there isn't any recoil with a .45-70, but to us old folks, there sure is....

REDTIP17 07-27-2004 03:35 PM

You talking about something with a recoil, I shot knitepoets 45-70 TC Contender pistol with a 14" barrel. :eek: Hand was sore for 4 days, could hardly shoot my 45ACP for a week afterwards. Man, It's hell to get old. :mad:
Don't you wish we'd had all these toys to shoot 35 years ago when we could take the abuse and not spend a week recovering. :D Bill

OldSwede 07-27-2004 04:16 PM


Yup. I remember what I was doing 35 years ago. I was selling the last two guns I owned at the time so that I could afford to pay the hospital to have my daughter born. ( No insurance at the time; we paid for all of it ourselves ).

No complaints, she's the best thing that ever happened to me and has since presented me with two grandsons.

REDTIP17 07-28-2004 06:17 AM

You won't believe 35 years ago, I was in Muskegon talking to the guys up there in CMC plant. We were getting ready to tool up the CMC Plant here in Mobile AL for a Govt. contract to rebuild the 1790 cu.in. Tank Engine.
I don't think I owned but 2 shotguns & 1 old Marlin .22 back then. Bill

Plinker 07-29-2004 06:58 PM

:D :D

Let us know how it shoots Bill.

Course you can load that 45-70 down to shoot them
little'sissy'loads. But we all know you would'nt do that now would you. Naaaa!

:D :D :D

Have fun.

Jackz 08-14-2004 05:26 PM

Congradulations!!! Are you going to really get INTO shooting it?

I think at least half the fun would be to just quietly saunter into a range, pull out one of those "foot long" black powder glinting brass cartridges, load and shoot. Keeping a straight face would be very difficult. They are definitely a people magnet!!
Of course if you "drove" in on horseback!!!
I would gladly pay to see THAT!!

Good Shooting!!

Regards, Jack

REDTIP17 08-15-2004 08:38 AM

They're supposed to ship it tomorrow, should have it before the weekend. The funs going to be when I sit down at my regular bench position between my rimfire shooter friends and let fly down range.:yikes: Going to need a gun barer just to carry the sucker, all 13#s worth.
I'm going to try to shoot it at least once every 2 weeks. Got cases, powder, bullets and dies on hand for it now. Can't abandon my Ol' rimfires though. I just have too much fun shooting those 1" groups at 100yds with the things.:D Bill

cjsdad 08-24-2004 04:32 PM

Hey REDTIP17, in the July issue of Rifle Sporting Firearms Journal they have an article on barrel breakin for a C. Sharps Arms model 1874 in 45-70. It's a pretty good read and describes some of the changes a barrel goes through as it is broken in. You might wanna check it out.

REDTIP17 08-24-2004 11:26 PM

Thanx for the info. I'll see if I can find a copy of it.. Bill

Gabby-Bill 03-06-2021 06:51 PM

thread died
I'm wondering what happened with the new Sharps. No update after it was supposed to arrive.
Did the OP die or something? :confused::confused::confused:

Sagittarius 03-06-2021 07:46 PM

Out of curiosity, I checked the OP's profile and it says his last post was on 10/18/2006 and his last activity was on 4/2/2008 so I assume he has left the range.
Strange that he never mentioned the Sharps again. :confused:
The Quigley Sharps was the last thread he started.

williwm 03-09-2021 09:56 AM

I ran across Bill , aka redtip17, several times and had the pleasure of shooting with him once. I had heard his health problems overcame him but can’t remember when. Very nice guy

mushka 03-10-2021 07:10 PM

I have a C Sharps 45/100 that I load with 85 grns of 3F and either a 315 casted with gas check or a 420 grn casted with gas check. Comfortable to shoot all day. My 45-70 carbine I load 55 grns of 3F with the 316 casted with gas check, still a comfortable load to shoot in the lighter rifle. The carbine load gives me 1155fps, I don't know what the 45-100 velocities are. Both just fun to shoot. Try some BP loads after you get used to shooting your new rifle.

mushka 03-10-2021 07:14 PM

I didn't look at the post date, didn't realize it was a real old post.

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