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steyrsteyrsteyr 04-27-2021 11:40 AM

Silhouette Discord
Sorry if this isn't allowed.


I've created a discord server for silhouette. This is a place for people to feel comfortable to easily chat with each other about silhouette, matches etc. If you have the addiction come on in and talk about it, but we won't ever help you break it! NO POLITICS. I thought having a discord would help keep people constantly talking about silhouette. Bear with us as we work together to smooth things out. I REALLY LOVE silhouette and I find it really hard to keep in constant contact or up to date, let's have fun and keep this sport alive!

541X 05-04-2021 06:40 PM

There is steel chickens.com and the 22BPCRA association and https://www.facebook.com/groups/490588317982637 on facebook that is primarily dedicated to us single-shot fans who shoot 50/100/150/200m silhouettes.

At my local club (Quinton Sportsman in southern NJ) we shoot any safe rifle with any scope at 5 distances (chickens off-hand at 50m, prairie dogs unsupported at 75, pigs at 100, turkeys at 150 & rams at 200, all from cross sticks). We single-shot shooters are very competitive when we are on our game. I use a CPA Stevens 44 1/2 with Shilen rachet-rifled barrel and an MVA 10x scope shooting against a gaggle of Anschutz 1714s & 54s and other 'fancy' modern guns with variable scopes up to 36x. We don't whine, we just out-shoot them. Great fun and turnout is generally 25+. Very competitive with scores of 45-55. Think the range record is 56. Those pesky chickens are always a trial.

STEEL SHOOTER 05-19-2021 02:23 PM

Silhouette +1
Bang...clang and the smell of burnt powder. It doesn't get much better than that!:D

541X 05-20-2021 06:39 AM

Been a good start to the year for me. Managed 2nd OA at inaugural 22BPCR match at Ridgway, PA last month, new personal best at Quinton Sportsman, NJ 1st of this month and back to Ridgway weekend after next. Am going to start shooting the 22 silhouette matches at Atglen, PA, as well. So much more fun than poking holes in paper.

STRUGL4X'SC 05-20-2021 08:53 AM

I have been shooting a lot of lever action silhouette in the past year, and am blessed to have so many opportunities so close to home. Several of us retired guys have been shooting two matches every Wednesday morning. That's eight matches a month without the monthly weekend matches. The lack of reloading components has me nervous, but hasn't badly slowed us down. I am a AAA shooter, and may be peaked out on ability, but that won't stop me from trying to improve. Need those blasted turkeys for my first grand slam pin. Retirement is great. Happy shooting all.

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22SLEEPER 05-20-2021 08:29 PM

541x,welcome to Ridgway.
I also shot the inaugural 22BPCR match,very humbling experience but fun.Something to start at the bottom of the classification again.
Hope to meet you at the Lapua Super Shoot Memorial Weekend at Ridgway.
Itís a lot of shooting and proves endurance,but fun.
Itís going to be a great year at Ridgway after last yearís nothing.
All 4 Silhouette Nationals will be there for the first time.
The club is prepared to make this as good a Nationals as possible.
Only weather could hamper it.
All are welcome.

STRUGL4X'SC 05-20-2021 11:48 PM

I went to the national championship matches there in 2005. Great time, if it wasn't all the way across the country, I would go again. Have a great bunch of matches, and enjoy even the hard work hosting.

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541X 05-21-2021 05:22 AM

22SLEEPER - thanks for the welcome, but have been shooting at Ridgway for many years on the "big" (1000yd) range.

Discontinued 05-21-2021 06:09 AM

I shot silhouette a couple of times and loved it. the clang and the odd ricochet noise is seriously addictive.

I like the idea of Discord chat discussion channels relating to shooting

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