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Magnum12 12-01-2019 09:29 PM

Mark III Sights
I have had my Mark III for a long time now and I love to shoot it. I don't wear glasses but last year I was studying my sight picture and thought my front sight top looked crooked or uneven.

I called HiViz and spoke to them for a few minutes. They wanted me to send a picture of the sight to them. They sent me a replacement sight with not much explanation.

I installed it but the top of the sight still looked uneven to me. I put it on an optical comparator and it reads flat to the base of the sight. I don't know. I guess it might not be mounted square to the centerline of the barrel, anyway, today I was looking at my rear sight and wondered if it was canted a bit. There was some play in the elevation leaf.

I pushed the pivot pin out and was surprised to find a solid pin in it and I noticed as the pin was passing through, it had taken some of the play out of the one side. It was worn in several spots.
I had a split pin the right size and installed it and things are better now.

Then I gave up and took a diamond file to the top of the front sight until it looked perfectly flat/level/square.

Originally when the gun was new it had the V blade in the rear and I couildn't get it sighted in. I called Ruger and yea, the wrong blade was in there. I got a square notch for a replacement anyway.

Rear sight at one time worked its way loose and it was shifting over time.

Front sight actually came loose one time as well.

Loctite blue is my friend.

Bunch of little things but it is a labor of love.

wproct 12-01-2019 10:55 PM

I'm over 70 years old and I know that I should be using a red dot or something but I just really like shooting open sights on my handguns.:o Anyways, I have two or three handguns where the front sight will appear to be leaning, then the next time I look at it I think it is ok. I don't know if it's an optical illusion or not? Anyway, I have them adjusted so I can shoot reasonably well so I try not to think about it.:D

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