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A few of my Brno & CZ friends here on RFC...

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Hey All,

Just thought that I would put together a list of links here on RFC. That way I can actually find them when I want to. (A bit of old age, eh? ) Admittedly many are write-ups of my own Brno's and CZ's but there is a fair amount of technical info as well.


P.S. Please do not reply to this thread...go to the threads themselves....thx!


(1-A) Link: An interesting CZ read....

(2-A) Link: History of ZB ( Zbrojovka Brno)

(3-A) Link:The Guns of Czechoslovakia - Sandards/Balcar

(4-A) Link:Interesting History??? - (Brno)

A few of my own personal Brno's and CZ's

(1-B) Link: Re: Brno or CZ???

(2-B) Link: Pictures Posted: CZ "Fancy" American Walnut 452 .17 HMR....wahoo!

(3-B) Link: New to me CZ511...

(4-B) Link: New Model of Brno "MANSOURA" (Egyptian) or maybe a "sub-model"...

(5-B) Link: Maadi (Egyptian) Mansoura/Cadet "Brno's"

(6-B) Link: My new Brno toy..... (Brno "Super Match")

(7-B) Link: My CZ 452 "70th Anniversary Edition"...not so bad.

(8-B) Link: My Brno VZ-47 pellet rifle (Post #7)

(9-B) Link: A bit different Brno Model #3 (Circa 1949) "LUX"

(10-B) Link: Any guess what this is exactly? (Rare #1/#2 pre-production prototype; 1 of 25 pieces produced and 1 of 15 to survive.)

(11-B) Link: Brno ZKK-601 .223 Rem: "The one that DIDN'T get away..."

(12-B) Link: Brno 468's Youth single shots...intial impressions

(13-B) Link: My little CZ Scout and "CZ-Stubby" / "Tweener"

(14-B) Link: My CZ 527 Varmint .204 post #97

(15-B) Link: Show me your BRNO's!!! Several of my Brno's: Post #27, #29, #130, #140

(16-B) For Fun: Story of my 1st Model #5 Link: A sucker is born every minute....

(17-B) Link: My CZ 527 Carbine in 7.62x39..beautiful wood, modified bolt.

(18-B) Link: Brno Arms CZ 511...just for fun.

(19-B) Link: My "Fancy" CZ 452 in .17 Mach II.

(20-B) Link: My first Hornet. (A Brno Fox II in deLUXe stock. )

(21-B) Link: Tau Brno 200 Senior

(22-B) Link: Ever see a Brno Model #1 with a walnut thumb-hole?

(23-B) Link: Finally got one...Brno ZKW-465 that is.


(1-C) Link: Proof Markings and Stamps

(2-C) Link: Brno TGF Model #1's and other markings.

(3-C) Link: Brno: Model #1, development, more TGF info etc.

(4-C) Link: Single Shot Adapter pics

(5-C) Link: My thoughts on 17HMR/17HM2 splits

(6-C) Link: My thoughts on Brno ZOM-451's..."Brno ZOM-451 (ZOM451)"

(7-C) Link: An new/old .22 pistol??!

(8-C) Link: Brno ZKM-611's (611A ect.): 22 WMR's

(9-C) Link: Photos of Brno ZKM-611's

(10-C) Link: When the subject of "Brno ZKM-617's (17 HMR's)

(11-C) Link: CZ PDF Manual and parts diagram links.......

(12-C) Link: BRNOMAN's BRNO Stocks

(13-C) Link: BRNO #3S (Stecher)

(14-C) Link: Ultra Lux, SUPER BRNO SAA 2500, Super Exclusive Factoid Thread

(15-C) Link: CZ 452 LUX & Trainer Rear Sight Removal

(16-C) Link: Own a CZ511, then do this!

(17-C) Link: TAU-Brno 200 CO2 Air rifle links!

(18-C) Link: When the subject of "CZ vs Ruger 77/22" comes up.....

*** These next three are VERY informative technical posts regarding Brno's! (Some of the most technical on the net.) Many photos are attached.

(19-C) Link: Brno’ and CZ’s: Miscellaneous notes, opinions and ramblings

(20-C) Link: Brno Model’s 1-5, how many were there?

(21-C) Link: The early ZKM 452 Model 2 with a few idle thoughts on the ZKM 573

(22-C) Link: Bolt Action Rifle Poster with captions (down loadable pdf)...featuring CZ 452. Kinda cool!

(23-C) Link: Ultra Lux, SUPER BRNO SAA 2500, Super Exclusive Factoid Thread

(24-C) Link: Brno Rings

(25-C) Link: Here is a Brno I had never seen until now...ZKR-590 Grand

(26-C) Link: CZ 122 Sport info...

(27-C) Link: An new/old .22 pistol??! (The CZ-83 Jane 22 lr)

Trigger Related Post

(1-D)Link: Trigger Pictures: Brno #1/3 vs CZ 452's and Brno Model #2/4/5's

(2-D) Link: Scotty's Pics on Brno Model #1 triggers compared

(3-D) Link: In case you're curious about the 453 trigger - by RFC's _shorty (awesome instruction and photos

Owner's/Instruction Manuals (pdf)

(1-E) Link: CZ 511

(2-E) Link: CZ 513 Basic/Farmer

(3-E) Link: CZ ZKM-452/453 (2E)

(4-E) Link: CZ 527 CF rifles

(5-E) Link: CZ 550/555 CF Rifles

(6-E) Link: CZ 630/631 Slavia Air Rifles

(7-E) Link: CZ 634 Slavia Air Rifles

(8-E) Link: CZ 85 Kadet (22 LR)

(9-E) Link: Brno ZKB-680 Manual and parts diagram links.......

(10-E) Link: CZ PDF Manual and parts diagram links.......

Just came across the coolest site! It has PDF'ed manuals for just about every firearm imaginable! The following links are for PDF'ed manuals and parts diagrams.

Link: All Manufactures (and CZ) Factory PDF Manuals

Link: CZ Parts Diagrams

Link: All Manufacture Parts Diagrams

* Link: All CZ Owners Manual page.

Online Brno and Brno/CZ Articles
(**Thx to Hilux for many of these!)

(1-F) Link: Rimfires in the field - by John Robinson

(2-F) Link: Reviewing the Brno (CZ) 550 in .458 - by John Woods

(3-F) Link: CZ Varmint Classic rifles - by John Enright

(4-F) Link: The CZ Model 452 and 513 Rimfire Rifles - by Chuck Hawks

(5-F) Link: CZ Varmint Classic rifles - by John Enright

(6-F) Link: CZ 527 Synthetic 223 Review - by Andy Montgomery by Briel Jackson

(7-F) Link: The Recent Happenings In Brno - by Gary Prizibilla

(8-F) Link: Super Match Review - by Nick Harvey

(9-F) Link: BRNO ZG47 - by Gary Prizibilla

(10-F) Link: Review of CZ 452 Left Hand 17 HMR - by Andy Montgomery

(11-F) Link: CZ 555 Review #1 - by Nick Harvey

(12-F) Link: CZ 555 Review #2 - by Briel Jackson

(13-F) Link: A Visit To CZ - by Briel Jackson

(14-F) Link: Review of CZ 452 classic 22Mag - by Nick Harvey

(15-F) Link: CZ 527 Bolt Action Rifle Chambered for the .221 Fireball - by Jeff Quinn of GunBlast

(16-F) Link: CZ 453 Varmint .17 HMR Bolt Action Rifle - by Jeff Quinn of GunBlast

(17-F) Link: CZ 550 American Safari Magnum Bolt-Action Rifle - by Jeff Quinn of GunBlast

(18-F) Link: THE CZ-527 7.62x39mm - by Paco Kelly of GunBlast

(19-F) Link: THE CZ-452 SECRET (CZ Super Brno 2500/Ultra-LUX) - by Paco Kelly of GunBlast

(20-F) Link: The CZ Story - by Wayne van Zwoll

(21-F) Link: CZ 550: CZ's Modern Take On A Classic Hunting Rifle - by Greg Rodriguez

(22-F) Link: Guns & Ammo article on Scout - by Greg Rodriguez

(23-F) Link: CZ 452 American .17 Mach 2 - by Lee J. Hoots

(24-F) Link: CZ's 527 (Kevlar Varmint) .223 Is A Real Varmint Zapper! - by By David Fortier

(25-F) Link: CZ 550 Bigbore: Bang For Your Buck - by Craig Boddington

(26-F) Link: The CZ Story (G&A 3/08)...also features a 611

(27-F) Link: Czech This - G& A Editor J. Scott Rupp travels to Eastern Europe to visit CZ and blogs about it here!

(28-F) Link: CZ 550 Magnum Safari: Safari Special - by Kevin E. Steele

(29-F) Link: Rimfire Face-Off - Three economy-grade .22s battle it out on the range - by J. Scott Rupp, Payton Miller (3/07)

(30-F) Link: The 6.8mm Remington SPC in a CZ 527 Varmint - by Gary Paul Johnston

I don't know...
Link: αναφορά Otherwise know as Sophia's Amazing CZ & Shooting Links

Link: Now this is "fancy"....

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