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Pre and Post WWII barrel and Receiver stampings

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As I begin collecting Mauser .22 rifles I need help in understanding the various era's and identification of the barrel / receiver stamps used on .22 caliber rimfire rifles. Specifically I have seven questions which I would appreciate the experts to answer. Many thanks,

1) What's highest serial number used on a .22 rimfire rifle prior to Jan 1940?
2) What's the serial number used on the .22 rimfire rifles immediately after WWII ended?
3) Did Mauser return to using the BUG barrel / receiver stamp marks post WWII?
4) What was the first year that the receivers began to get grooved for scope mounts?
5) When year did Mauser stop using "Lang Fur Buchsen" and begin using "Patron"?
6) Is the serial number range seen on .22 rifles only ever used on rimfire rilfes?
7) Or is Mauser's serial number range used by for both rimfire and centerfire rifles?
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Old 03-19-2017, 02:07 PM
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Good luck on your quest for Mauser you already realise........the topic is vast! And the quality of the rifles addicting!

No proper collector of these fine artefacts......if I may call them so......should be without Jon Speed's book called MAUSER SMALLBORES by Collector Grade Publications. It is indeed a wealth of information supplemented by some fine discussions on this forum!

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For Proof marks, it was German law that determines when the Proofs changed. Mauser has nothing to do with it. Pick up a book on Proof codes. Here are two:

As for serial numbers, there are several Mauser 22lr models, each with there own serial number range.
After WWII, the Mauser plant was moved to France. Not sure when they were allowed to start making firearms again after WWII. It should be in Speed's book. Haven't read it in a while.
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