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Old 02-10-2017, 07:10 AM

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My second DSP

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New to RFC. Joined in June 2016. Purchased a 1022 DSP w/112 prefix on Jan.19th. Function tested Jan.20th at my local club. Shot at 25 yds. With Norma tac-22 and SKRM. Norma not great and SK did not like the cold. Trigger was 7 1/2 lbs . On Lyman digital. Removed trigger group for a Brimstone Tier 2 and found action screw was loose. Hoping for better groups after screw is tight. Trigger back from Brimstone . One week turn around. 10/22 back together with action screw at 18 in./lbs. More to follow. Waiting to get plowed out. 14-16 ins. Of snow yesterday here in Ct.
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Old 02-10-2017, 07:20 AM
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Welcome to RFC.
Love those old DSP. From my experience with a loose action screw, it will definitely make a difference with group size. Good luck with the new to you DSP.
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Old 02-10-2017, 08:13 AM
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I have had 3 DSR SuperStock rifles. 2 with 17" GM Heavy Taper (actually my box said Heavy Sporter which I have always liked better) these were from the very first run of RFC Only barrels and they were one blue and one stainless. What a deal, the blue was $75 and the stainless was $ was good to be an RFC member then!!

The other one is very much a one of a kind. 5 years or so ago a bunch of SuperStock and other RFC members built me a very special rifle. Actually I did a lot of the building and contributing because I had no idea the rifle was to be mine. Ruger cut the stock for free out of RFC supplied Bubinga which is an African Rosewood. Green Mountain donated a 19 inch Heavy Taper which I had a hand in designing and when the President of Green Mountain was asked to donate the a barrel he remembered me asking that they produce this design. Between Ruger, Green Mountain and some very, very special people at RFC I often get a little choked up when I take it out of the case!

Typical 50 yd groups for African rose, killing the bug just made it better:

The DSP design seems to be a favorite of so many people here. Many people at ranges have no idea Ruger makes such a nice 10/22 and I am often asked what kind of stock I have and where can they get one. Many are quite shocked when I tell them to go to Ruger or Numrich because it is a Ruger stock. Of course the one on African Rose is just a little more special than other Ruger Deluxe Sporter (which is what Ruger calls it and the "DSP" comes from their in house name for it which is DSP 10/22.

I have never actually counted but I think the Ruger DSP, along with the WalMart Special & the Ruger LVT (A Ruger copy of what we were doing in SuperStock but with a hard wood stock like the WM Special instead of DSP Walnut....or one Bubinga DSP) are probably the most used stock design in SuperStock and it is amazing how pretty some of them really are! I think with a GMHT it is a very nicely balanced rifle along with being a little shorter which is always handy when hunting.

Very, Very hard to beat a nice DSP SuperStock!! Glad to see you joining the crowd! I sincerely hope you have at least as much enjoyment with your DSP as the rest of us have had with ours!! I intend to follow the development of your rifle very closely and hopefully when you take it out you can take a few pictures so WE can share your beauty!

Welcome to SuperStock!!!
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