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Old 05-21-2017, 07:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Spunk_Puppy View Post
So what you're saying is that if I do this magazine "tune up" it will stop the gun from shaving bullets during chambering?

If so, how?

If you do the magazine smoothing, the lead bullets will no longer "shave" lead when being fed from the magazine due to the rough edges in the feed lips as manufactured. Curing the bullet shaving when being chambered requires a different fix.

To help your ammunition feed into the chamber much more positively, you really need to tilt the bullet nose up, like in the right hand picture. If your cartridges are position as in the left picture, the bullet noses will crash into the feed ramp when being fed from the magazine.

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Old 05-24-2017, 11:28 PM

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Possibly nothing wrong

I have a ruger mk iv 22/45 lite.

I had the same issue. Heard the gun needs a good cleaning but ignored it. The moment I got it I took it to the range. Burning hot lead was landing on my hand and face. It was uncomfortable. It was greasy lead too. Or oily. Shot about 200 rouds anyway. There were a few feeding issues.

Im shooting buckets of remmington gold. My guns like it.

After the first range trip and a couple hundred rounds through the gun, i took of the lower and put it aside.

The top I stripped of oil lube and dirt. There was a lot of lead shavings too.
I re-lubed it. Used remmington teflon lube at first to cover the bolt and inside of the upper, then applied a light layer of g96 to it. Made sure to leave bolt face and breach face very dry. Then put a few drops of oil on sliding parts and the spring rod at the bolt face side (hoppes oil).

Anyway, long write up to something simple. Now there are no issues. My theory is that the heavier factory lube was causing shavings to collect on the bolt face and breach. Then large gobs of these were spitting out. It was everywhere. There is some marring on the breach face now where it was packing it. Now that its dryer there is no such issue. Feeding issues seem better now too, especially since I discovered to point the bullets up in the mag.

So really it sounds like your gun is fine. Keep the breach and bolt faces as dry as you can. Lightly lube the rest and keep it clean. With the worst reputable ammo, I have no issues now. I just wish the rear sight was less wiggly...
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