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Old 02-21-2015, 03:18 AM
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Firing Pin Stop Pins

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It's been maybe a couple of years since this subject was visited, concerning the types of "firing pin stop pins" that were factory installed in many of the Ruger Mark III pistols. Why, is this of any concern? During the period of time when Ruger was setting, "out the door", sales numbers, it's been found that the solid firing pin stop pins, normally used, were substituted with a spring roll pin, when supplies of the proper pin ran short. That substituted spring-roll pin is around 1/8-inch shorter in length and contains a gap in the diameter & length, that allowed the hollow pin to collapse if it was rotated into a position where the hammer could batter that type of pin into a bent condition.

If you have recently acquired a used Ruger Mark III, in any of the varieties available, pull your bolt out of that pistol and inspect the firing pin stop pin. Here's what to L@@K for:

What you want to find is a firing pin stop pin that looks like the one in the bolt on the right. If yours looks like the firing pin stop on the left, don't shoot, or dry fire your pistol with that hollow pin in place. It's not worth the risk for a $3.50 cost of a solid firing pin stop pin.

A chamber mouth ding, is NOT as easily repairable, as some would have you believe. YES, there are "chamber ironing tools" available to roll metal moved into the chamber mouth from the firing pin traveling too far forward and upsetting metal into the chamber, but the raised area alongside the divot in the breechface is not so easily fixed. Prevention of this condition is the BEST means of repair, so, do a simple inspection of any used Ruger Mark III pistols you come across and save yourself from a catastrophe, not easily fixed. As always, consultation with Sarona Gun Works LLC is FREE with no "sales pitches" involved, just solutions.
Turning Ruger Mark pistols into the way they SHOULD perform . (A secure web-site)
Old 02-21-2015, 07:16 AM
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Good information SGW. Thanks!
Old 02-21-2015, 07:47 AM
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Very good to know, another - Thank you. sticky material

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